About Us

Stripped Bath & Body was formed by mother and daughter team April Meyers and Kaley Sperling when they decided to turn a several year-long hobby into a joint business venture.

Both women possess a passion for natural and organic based skin care. Kaley struggles with rosacea and a wide array of sensitivities. April suffers from a long list of allergies, including strong scents. Between the two of them, finding skin care products that could be used independently was a difficult task; finding any that could be shared was next to impossible.

Kaley was the first to begin research into natural and organic options and before long, the mother/daughter pair found several formulations that worked well for them both. Wanting to share this, April and Kaley began giving their creations out as holiday gifts to family and friends.

These gifts were quite popular were often requested for purchase. At the time, Kaley was too young to be a partner and April too preoccupied with her other business to handle another start up alone. This is no longer the case. Kaley has blossomed into a talented young woman who is every bit as entrepreneurial minded as her mother and the two work very well together.

In the past few months the duo has explored several new product lines, including the release of a Just-For-Men Beard Oils. We anticipate new releases from these very creative women often.

All Stripped Bath & Body products are made from certified organic components and packaged in environmentally-friendly reusable containers. Instructions and therapeutic benefits are included with most products.

If you have any questions or concerns, email us at support@strippedsugarscrubs.com

We look forward to creating a healthier, more radiant you!

April and Kaley

Stripped Bath & Body Mission

Our mission is to make products by hand with only ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients using little-to-no preservatives. We stand strongly against animal testing and seek to reduce toxic waste while providing lower costs for better products.

Stripped Bath & Body Core Values

We believe in creating more than just great smelling products for the bath, body and shower. We believe in making a difference in the world through the choices we make as a brand. Our core values are evidenced in every product we put out and that ultimately end up in your hands.

We buy ethically

We only source ethically responsible ingredients and packaging. Our ingredients are traced from planting to processing to ensure that the process is ethical from start to finish.

We make products by hand

A machine will never be as caring as a human touch. A machine will never use a body scrub or smell an essential oil nor understand the impact it might have on a human; only a human can do that. And so, every Stripped product is lovingly handcrafted from start to finish.

We package ethically

We put a lot of thought into our packaging, ensuring that it is recyclable or can be re-purposed and/or reused. We do our absolute best to reduce mankind’s environmental footprint on planet Earth.

We do not support animal testing

Our founders are animal and nature lovers and as such are opposed to animal testing for any reason. We will not use nor source any product or package that has any history of such testing.